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plank perch

The perfect get away from the little humans (kids), dog(s) and other cats by providing a needed lookout, lounge or dining spot for your kitty. The plank perch features a unique feeding dish or catnip/cat grass planter. Having grass on the perch will definitely give your cat(s) a jungle-camouflage feeling. Stylish and functional this perch will match your pet's needs with your own modern décor.

  1. dark walnut engineered finish
  2. durable padded top for your pets comfort
  3. dishwasher safe dish for treats/food and one for catnip/grass
  4. measures 24"W x 10"D x 6" H
  5. wall mounted template for easy installation
SKU Large: 124701
Production on hold
Our Price: $94.99

Wholesale minimum quanity 250pcs and large quantity pricing available