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replacement felt

The newest waves have a darker-brown felt color shown on the right and the older waves have a dark-red felt shown on the left for purchase.

Felt pricing:
The large replacement felt, 2 pads with shipping: $21.99
The small replacement felt, 2 pads with shipping: 14.99

We have looked at sourcing a sisal or carpet pad and chose felt because it was the least attractive to felines to scratch. Of course all felines didn't get the message. If your kitties destroyed the felt quickly we suggest another option: FLOR tiles. They last longer and you have a choice of color/pattern.

Dress Up Your Wave Perches

From Hauspanther's blog on waves and FLOR tiles:

I used FLOR carpet tiles to replace the felt pads. These carpet tiles are another great tool for Catification. They come in a ton of colors and patterns and they’re really easy to cut, all you need is a utility knife, a straightedge, and a surface to cut on. Just measure and mark the back of the tile with a felt tip pen then cut along the line.
I used double sided tape to attach the carpet tiles to the Waves, but I did learn a little tip: sometimes it’s hard to find tape that will stick to the back of the FLOR tiles (the backing is a plastic with a somewhat slick surface) but the FLOR tiles come with FLORdots, big sticky squares that are made to stick to the back of the tiles. Try sticking a FLORdot to the back of the tile and then attaching the double sided tape to the back of the dot and to the shelf. Works like a charm!

More FLOR tile photos:

Currently we use our wholesale merchant account to process pre-orders and replacement felt orders. To order for accuracy please email your order and shipping information to:

You will receive a reply with the information needed to process you order via phone or email. You will receive an email with receipt the same day your order is processed. You will receive an email with the tracking number the day your order is shipped. We appreciate your patience and support of the waves!